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SPEAKER: JoAnne Robinett, America’s Meal

TOPIC: When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It!

Join JoAnne, our keynote speaker, as she discusses decision making in uncertain times. She’ll share tips and tools to help you explore the path(s) ahead and navigate when you can’t find the map.


SPEAKER: Betsy Cornell, SNS, JD, PaySchools

TOPIC: Regulations, Waivers, and Programs to Help Fund Your Nutrition Department

While school lunch departments continued to provide nutritious meals to children during COVID-19, this has consequently caused food service departments to go deeper into debt. This session will address guidelines and strategies for qualifying students and families for free-and-reduced status, methods of communication with parents, as well as highlight programs that are currently helping fund school foodservice departments.


SPEAKER: Maureen Pisanick, Pisanick Partners

TOPIC: Utilizing Technology to Promote Your Program

Ever wondered how you can create a one-stop shop and resource for parents, student, and your community? Hear how Maureen Pisanick utilizes Health-e Pro to get maximum visibility for their districts’ nutrition programs. 


SPEAKERS: Kymm Mutch, ProTeam / Linsey LaPlant, Health-e Pro

TOPIC: Finance Bootcamp

What are the KPIs you need to understand the health of your School Nutrition Program? What metrics can you show your Business Manager to prevent cuts to your department? Know the value of your program–and your incredible worth–with these steps to understand the financial side of running your program.